Admin Building

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has A administrative building having classrooms, audio visual hall.

Bio Control Lab

This laboratory produces & provides different biological products such as  bio pesticides on no profit & no loss basis.

Plant Health Clinic – Farmers comes with pest affected plants & after identification of those affected plants eco- friendly advice is given.



The Krishi Vigyan Kendra possesses 43 ha   of land under which 3 has is fully under cultivation of crops relevant to the area. The main purpose of the farm is to demonstrate the latest agricultural practices. It also acts as a tool to do applied research on agricultural technologies & undertake trials before their transfer to farmers. Farm have the mother plants of horticulture crops such as Mango, Litchi, Guava etc


Farmers Hostel

Farmers Hostel with capacity of 30 people  is available in KVK, Khowai.



 Soil Lab

This  laboratory analyses soil, water, samples at free of cost from the farmers.

The laboratory is supported with computer software for more precise interpretation of results.

Every soil sample is analyzed for eight parameters such as pH, Electric Conductivity, Organic Carbon, available Nitrogen, available Phosphorus, & available Potassium, Exchangeable Sodium, Calcium & Magnesium content.

KVK also has a mobile soil and water testing laboratory for availing the facility at farmers’ doorstep.

Apiry Unit

Demonstration units through out the campus are available, Resource person from KVK as well as from successful farmers are utilized as trainer.


Fish Rearing Unit

KVK,Khowai is having six different type of ponds suitable for practical demonstration to the trainees

Animal Farm

KVK,Khowai is having two nos of piggery units having capacity of 30 parent stock, supplying more than 200 exotic piglets per year to farmers in nominal costs, training and demonstrations are done at these farm. Small dairy unit is also maintained for demonstration purpos.

Guest House

The KVK is having a guest house accommodating 6 nos. of guests in three rooms

Dairy Farm

KVK,Khowai have maintained a  small dairy farm for training and demonstration purpose

Vermi Compost Units

KVK West is having 11 numbers of Vermicompost units which are utilized for skill development training on vermi composting and the produce from these units are used in different demonstration plots